Dely Denjah grew up in a family with a passion for music. His parents, Swiss and Zimbabwean descent, immersed him in a musical environment from an early age. Vinyl records and cassettes were his first means of exploring different sounds and emotions. His passion for music was also reinforced by his desire to improve his English, one of his mother tongues, by drawing inspiration from song lyrics.

For Dely Denjah, music has become a means of expressing himself and of transcending linguistic and  cultural barriers. It enabled him to overcome the difficulties of his childhood. Inspired by an American friend, Dely Denjah nurtured the dream of discovering the United States and finally traveled to Los Angeles in 1994. This experience was decisive for his musical career and reinforced his passion for hip-hop.

Back in Switzerland, Dely Denjah continued to explore different musical genres. Dely Denjah also developed his musical skills by playing guitar and taking singing lessons. He deepened his technical skills by training as a sound engineer for 4 years at the CFMS (Centre de Formation aux Métiers du Son et de l’Image) in Lausanne.

Despite financial constraints, Dely Denjah succeeded in building his own home recording studio. With a solid foundation and growing experience, Dely Denjah focused on his passion for hip-hop, developing a unique and authentic style.

Message And Vision

Dely Denjah sees music as a deeply personal means of expression. His lyrics reflect his emotions, experiences and vision of the world. He tackles subjects such as injustice, frustration, love and the search for freedom. Through his music, Dely Denjah aims to share his experiences and bring well- being to his listeners.

As an artist, Dely Denjah sees himself as a representative of the working classes and minorities. He carries with him the heritage of his personal journey, his diverse origins and his sensitivity to the reality of disadvantaged people. His music is a way of giving a voice to those who are often marginalized.

Dely Denjah is known for his complex, authentic personality. He is both calm on the surface, but bubbling with intense emotions inside. His energetic and sometimes explosive character shines through in his music and powerful lyrics.

Above all, Dely Denjah represents the people. Coming from a modest background, he carries within him the aspirations and struggles of the working classes. He sees himself as a spokesman for minorities, be they black, white or mixed-race, and for all those facing a difficult life.

His music is a reflection of his personality and experiences. He expresses himself through sincere, unfiltered lyrics, unafraid to share his emotions, be they anger, frustration or gentleness. Dely Denjah sees music as a means of healing, both for himself and for his listeners.

Constantly evolving, Dely Denjah continues to push the boundaries of musical expression. He doesn’t stop, because he’s convinced that music is his true vocation and that he has a rightful place in the music industry. After years of hard work and learning, he firmly believes that his time has finally come.

With his unique groove and deep commitment, Dely Denjah is ready to conquer the music scene. His authentic style and powerful message will leave no one indifferent. Expect to be transported by his music and inspired by his profound lyrics.